How To Make Digital Signature With a Signature Creator Free

How To Make Digital Signature Free

How To Make Digital Signature Free - Creating digital signatures is very easy if you have a trusted application that can be used to carry out your commands. However, choosing a trusted application to overcome this isn't easy because there are many free and paid digital signature service providers on the internet today.

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So, to break your deadlock in creating a digital signature, this time, I will tell you about how to create a free digital signature using a signature creator. So, please continue reading this post until it's finished.

What is a Signature Creator?

Signature Creator is an online digital signature maker application or also known as a signature generator. This is an online application that will make it easier for you to create and add an electronic signature to a document in digital format.

Using this signature maker app, you can scan handwritten signatures into image format and then attach them to the required documents. And one of the best digital signature maker apps is CocoSign.

CocoSign Free Digital Signature Creation

CocoSign Free Digital Signature Creation

CocoSign is a trusted digital signing platform that is very easy to use. You'll be given the freedom to create a free digital signature that you can save into a template to use when needed.

Even though it's free, it gives you great security and has been trusted by major media authorities like Clutch and TopTenReviews. CocoSign complies with industry safety standards and protocols such as ISO / IEC 270001, SOC 2, US ESign, HIPPA and, UETA.

How to Create a Free Digital Signature

An online digital signature maker will make the digital signing process easy and fast. In the following, we will provide a tutorial on creating a signature using the Signature Creator. And in this case, we are using CocoSign, which allows you to make it for free.

1. Select Signing Options

First, you go to the CocoSign signature generator page. Next, you are asked to select the 'draw' or 'type' option.

Signature Generator Cocosign

If you select the "draw" option, you will be prompted to sign using a mouse, trackpad, or stylus, like making a signature on paper using a pen.

Draw your signature

And if you choose the 'type' option, you can simply type a name or anything as a signature with the font choices provided.

Type online signature

2. Signature Personalizing

Once you are done personalizing your signature using the CocoSign signature generator, you can click on the Save button.

In the image option, you are allowed to choose any font color you wish to use for your e-signature.

Likewise, if you choose the type option, you can customize the color by choosing between 14 base colors as well as other colors using the color wheel.

If an error occurs while drawing or writing your signature, don't worry because you can delete or cancel the mistake using the 'Delete' button provided.

3. Download your Signature

If you feel that everything is according to your wishes, then you can download your signature by clicking the 'Download' button where you can save this document to your device.

Download your Signature


Using a digital signature generator will make it easier for the signing process to be done anywhere and anytime. Businesses that have adopted such tools are likely to be more productive, efficient, and complete transactional transactions.

Well, hopefully, this article will provide you with enough information about the importance of digital signature generators in this increasingly advanced technology. Please try the application and share your experience using it with us in the comments.

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